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Fellini calls
Dal 20 January al 28 February
Talks in streaming to celebrate Federico Fellini's 101stbirth anniversary

On the occasion of Federico Fellini's 101st birth anniversary (20 January), the Municipality of Rimini has organized a series of initiatives, in streaming, dedicated to the Maestro: the Fellini Calls, which alternate the voices of those who knew and studied him: journalists and experts. Vincenzo Mollica, Laura Delli Colli, Antonio Monda, Rosita Copioli, Francesca Fabbri Fellini, Gianfranco Angelucci, Stefano Francia di Celle, Marco Bertozzi, Piera Detassis, Bruno Roberti, Frank Burke, together with other guests, tell with new words about the most celebrated Italian director in the world.
Over twenty guests, including festival directors, journalists and experts, gathered by the Rimini Film Library, have explored the infinite aspects of the work, personality and passions of the great film director from Rimini. During the 6 hours of live broadcast, interesting food for thought emerged in particular on the legacy of Fellini's cinema and on the Museum that will be inaugurated in the forthcoming months in Rimini.
Overall, these talks collected about 4,000 views only on the two facebook pages of Rimini Film Library with over 300 interactions including likes, comments and shares, while on the youtube channel the views were over 250; in particular, on the "Federico Fellini" page,  which is followed by almost 70,000 people, with a a lot participants from abroad. 
Frank Burke, one of the leading experts in Fellini's cinema took part in the last call and held a masterclass in four parts
The recordings of the talks can be viewed on the Cineteca di Rimini youtube channel

Period of development: in streaming


>  20 January

Moderator: Laura Delli Colli. With: Vincenzo Mollica, Antonio Monda, Cristina Battocletti, Oscar Iarussi, Rosita Copioli, Francesca Fabbri Fellini.

>  21 January
Moderator: Jonathan Giustini. With: Alessandra Levantesi, Stefano Francia di Celle, Gianfranco Angelucci, Andrea Minuz, Pino Farinotti, Aldo Tassone, Alessandro Carrera

>  22 January
Moderator: Roy Menarini. With: Marco Bertozzi, Piera Detassis, Bruno Roberti, Angelo Battistini, Cinzia Carnevali, Paolo di Paolo, Frank Burke