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Rimini city of Remembrance 2021
Dal 22 January al 12 February
Always be the yellow butterfly that flies over barbed wires (Liliana Segre)

Rimini was chosen by the Ministry of the Interior, in agreement with the CDEC Foundation, as the City of Remembrance 2021, which hosts the official initiatives dedicated to the commemoration of the Shoah.
Among the appointments, on Wednesday 27 January, at 10 am the official commemorative ceremony takes place at the monument dedicated to the victims of the Nazi concentration camps and all imprisonments in the "Ai Caduti nei Lager 1943-1945" Park, and, at 6 pm, on Radio O.R.A. (www.officinariminiarte.it) and on the site memoria.comune.rimini.it a homage to Primo Levi, through the reading in ten different languages ​​(Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Albanian, languages ​​spoken by the communities present in Rimini) of Shemà, taken from 'If this is a man', as a powerful warning on the return of violence and hate (video made by DIANE | ilaria shoe_luca telleschi).
Furthermore, starting from January 26 at 6 pm, on the website www.cdec.it, there is an online exhibition organized by the CDEC Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center Foundation in Milan, which will remain accessible on the site until March 7, 2021.

Period of development: From 22 to 31 January 2021 on line